Qasar Younis


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Updated May 2023


Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas’ hall of fame speech.

Why these all-white paintings are in museums and mine aren’t.

Even in a contest between man and steer, the issue is not certain.

In search of the distinctively human; philosophy of blade runner 2049.

Andrej Karpathy on deep learning for computer vision (2016).

Jim Lehrer’s Rules of Journalism (guide to life as a whole).

John Mayer explains his personal style (and hats).

Ehrhart, you better keep your mouth shut.

I make roads… where there are no roads.

We have a lot less life left than we think.

Warren Buffet talk at Nebraska (2003).

Qawwali of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

What if DJ Khaled was Punjabi.

Being rich vs being poor.

Success and luck.

The fog of war.

Luxury Prime.

It’s done.

Fan Ho.